Taza / Children of Al-Karama Association in Tahla win the first prize at the Children’s Theater Festival in Salé for the second year in a row

For the second year in a row, the children of the Al Karama Association for Children with Special Needs in Tahla have achieved a remarkable achievement, winning the first prize at the national level at the National Festival of Theatre for Children with Disabilities. The festival was held in Salé on Thursday 27th of this month, where the children presented a play titled “A Drop of Water”.

The win follows their success last year when they won first place in the Fès Meknes region with a silent play titled “Life Goes On”, which was praised by the jury at the national festival.

This year’s winning play was directed by Noureddine El Sheikh, a member of the association, with the help of a team of staff including Idriss Barbash, Ikram El Zaoui and Yamna Aglia.

This repeated achievement is proof of the artistic and creative excellence of Alkarama’s children, and highlights the importance of supporting and encouraging the talents of children with special needs in the field of performing arts.

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