Morocco’s Alawite Organization for the Blind opens its educational institutes free of charge for the blind and visually impaired

The Alaouite Organisation for the Welfare of the Blind in Morocco, chaired by Her Highness Princess Lalla Amina, has announced the opening of its educational institutes for the blind and visually impaired in different regions of the Kingdom.

Highlights of the announcement:

The institutes are open to all blind and visually impaired people to pursue their education from primary to baccalaureate.

Education is available in a free boarding system.

The organisation will provide all school supplies for students, including:

Braille textbooks


Writing tablets, etc.

For those interested in registering, please go to the website: to find out the institutes and their addresses.

You can also contact the central organisation in Rabat (Department of Educational Institutes and Socio-Educational Centres) on:

This initiative reflects the organisation’s efforts to provide inclusive and free educational opportunities for blind and visually impaired people in Morocco, contributing to their integration into society and enabling them to access proper education.

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