Khabira Zouina Hadi / A 1400 dirham increase in wages for a category of employees

The Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, Ghaitha Mazour, confirmed that the category of dispatchers will see a significant improvement in their monthly income, thanks to a financial increase of 1400 dirhams, which will be applied starting next July.

This increase comes within the framework of the general wage increases for public sector employees recently approved by the government.

During the oral question session held on Tuesday, Mazour explained that this increase comes in implementation of the April 29, 2024 agreement, which included significant increases in the wages of employees, including dispatchers, who will benefit from a general wage increase of 1,000 net dirhams, distributed in two parts: The first starting in July 2024, and the second starting in July 2025.

In addition to the direct wage increase, the category of dispatchers will also benefit from an income tax revision, which will translate into an additional net wage increase of 400 dirhams per month, starting January 2025. This will bring the total monthly increase for dispatchers to 1400 dirhams.

Minister Mazour emphasized the commitment of the Ministry of Digital Transition and Administration Reform to the implementation of this agreement, noting that the ministry “has prepared more than 30 draft legal texts, which have been referred to the ratification process as soon as possible, including the draft texts that concern the category of disposers.”

Source : Fez News Media

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