Baccalaureate success for the free category: Unprecedented success rate in prison

The Regional Academy for Education and Training in Fès Meknes announced remarkable results for the free category in the 2024 baccalaureate exams, recording unprecedented success, especially among prison inmates.

According to a statement issued by the Academy, the number of free candidates reached 10,146, of whom 3,175 succeeded, achieving a success rate of 31.96 per cent.

The statement highlighted the exceptional results achieved by the inmates of the prison institution, where 70 inmates passed the exam with a success rate of 32.96 per cent, surpassing the overall average for the free category.

These results reflect the success of Morocco’s public policy in providing educational opportunities for all, including groups facing special circumstances.

It is particularly proud of the performance of prison inmates, who have proven that difficult circumstances do not stand in the way of academic achievement and academic excellence.

These results confirm the importance of rehabilitation and education programmes within correctional institutions, as they are an important tool and step towards reintegrating inmates into society and opening new horizons for them.

The statement indicated that the Academy intends to continue its efforts to support the free population, especially prison inmates, by providing the necessary educational resources and psychological and educational support.

These findings encourage further efforts to ensure the right to education for all, regardless of their circumstances.

From the website: Fez News

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