Excellence in the baccalaureate exams in Fez Meknes: 18090 students achieve distinction

Fez – The Regional Academy for Education and Training in Fez Meknes revealed exceptional results in the 2024 baccalaureate exams, recording a high percentage of outstanding students.

The Academy reported in a press release that 18,090 students passed with distinction, representing 64 per cent of the total number of passers in the region. These outstanding results were distributed as follows:

4,006 students received a very good grade

5,740 students achieved a grade of Hassan

8,344 students achieved Recommended

These honourable results reflect the diligent efforts exerted by the Academy, educational institutions and educational frameworks to motivate students to achieve academic excellence.

We are proud of this achievement, which places the Fes Meknes region in the ranks of the leading regions at the national level in the field of education.

For their part, a number of parents expressed their happiness with these results, praising the efforts exerted by teachers and educational administrations to support students during the exam period.

It is worth noting that the Academy seeks to continue to improve these indicators by developing educational programmes and providing continuous support to students, with the aim of ensuring higher levels of success in the coming years.

We look forward to more successes in the future, in a stimulating learning environment for all students.

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