Ministry of Higher Education announces conditions for enrollment in medical and pharmacy faculties for the academic year 2025-2024 and sets admission threshold (document)

The Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation in the Kingdom of Morocco has issued a memorandum clarifying the conditions and procedures for enrolment in the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry for the academic year 2025-2024.

The memo, addressed to university presidents and educational directors of the concerned faculties, details the selection process and the conditions required for candidature.

Among the most prominent points in the memo:

Confirmation that the selection process will take place at the national level for all candidates.

Adopting a minimum average of 13/20 for admission to the national competition.

For those who hold a national baccalaureate degree, it will be calculated

75% of the overall average obtained in the baccalaureate examinations

25% of the overall average of the regional exam for the first year of the baccalaureate programme

For foreign baccalaureate holders, the general average obtained will be used.

The note also pointed out that the entrance exam to the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and dentistry will be held on 03 August 2024, calling on officials to work to facilitate the registration process for those wishing to pass this exam.

These measures come within the framework of organising access to these faculties and ensuring equal opportunities for all candidates at the national level.

From the website: Fez News

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