Intelligence leads to the arrest of two motorcyclists traveling from the north on a motorcycle with large quantities of Qarqobi

The judicial police in the city of Mouchraa Belkesseri, in collaboration with the services of the General Directorate of National Surveillance, managed to arrest two people suspected of being involved in the crimes of possession and trafficking of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

The operation took place in the early hours of Wednesday morning, when the two suspects were stopped at the checkpoint at the entrance to the city, on board a large motorcycle coming from a city in the north of the Kingdom.

During the search operation, 2305 narcotic tablets were found in their possession, including 1886 Ecstasy tablets and 419 Rivotril tablets, in addition to a white weapon and a sum of money suspected to be the proceeds of their criminal activities.

The two suspects were kept under judicial investigation under the supervision of the Public Prosecution, to determine the circumstances and circumstances of this case, and to arrest any other persons involved or contributing to these criminal acts.

Source : Fes News Media

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