How dare you, Morocco, send loaded airplanes directly to Israel and not to Egypt or Jordan

By: Mohamed Wamoussi, Moroccan journalist in the Gulf:

How dare you, Morocco, send planes loaded with 40 tonnes of aid and medicines to Gaza without consulting the merchants of the issue and the analysts of the “hedra”? How dare you help heal the wounds of the children of Gaza by sending medicines against burns and depriving those who trade in their tragedies from their burning scenes? Why do you confiscate this commercial asset that is the source of their political livelihood and inexhaustible profit? Is it possible that the white hands of relief prefer to present the bloody scenes that the merchants of the tragedy of Gaza and Rafah feed on? Why, Morocco, did you send urgent medical aid to Gaza in response to their urgent appeals through Ben Gurion Airport to arrive quickly? You had to send it to Egypt or Jordan, to remain stacked under the hot sun waiting to be allowed to enter after days, months or perhaps years Why, Morocco, did you deny tragedy merchants enough time to take touching photos in the streets, increase Likes on communication sites and take advantage of people’s suffering to enhance their gains?

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