Authorities move to ban water sports, especially jet skis, in Saidia after fatal accidents

Authorities in the Moroccan city of Saïdia are preparing to impose a final ban on water sports activities, especially the use of jet skis, during the current summer season. The decision comes in the wake of a series of fatal accidents on the beaches during previous summer seasons.

Holidaymakers have noticed a noticeable decrease in jet ski traffic on the beaches of Saïdia and neighbouring coastal areas compared to previous years. This decrease comes as a result of local authorities tightening controls on water sports activities, especially jet skis, with discussions underway to impose a complete ban on these activities this season.

The reason for the tightened controls stems from a tragic incident on 29 August, in which Algerian coast guards shot four young men – three Frenchmen of Moroccan origin and a Moroccan – who were riding jet skis and had strayed into Algerian territorial waters. Two of the young men, Bilal Kissi (29) and Abdelali Machaour (40), were killed in the incident. Ismail Nabi was arrested in Algeria and sentenced to 18 months in prison, while Mohamed Kissi managed to survive thanks to the intervention of the Moroccan coast guard.

In addition, these measures aim to put an end to the activities of drug smuggling and human trafficking gangs, which have started using jet skis for their illicit purposes.

These strict measures are part of the Moroccan authorities’ efforts to enhance safety on beaches and ensure the security of holidaymakers, while maintaining the attractiveness of Saïdia as a safe and preferred tourist destination.

From the website: Fez News

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