Road war in Morocco: 27 dead and 2,215 injured in traffic accidents in one week

In a shocking report released recently, the General Directorate of National Security revealed that 1,580 traffic accidents occurred in urban areas during the week of 17-23 June. These accidents killed 27 people and injured 2,215 others, including 120 seriously.

According to the Directorate, the main causes of these tragic accidents are driver inattention, failure to respect the right of way, excessive speed, in addition to other factors such as failure to leave the safety distance and inattention of pedestrians.

As part of their efforts to curb this phenomenon, the security services recorded 32,931 traffic violations and drew up 5,344 reports that were referred to the Public Prosecution. A total of 27,587 fines totalling Dh5,905,025 were collected.

In other actions, 3,048 vehicles were placed in the municipal reserve, 5,344 documents were withdrawn, and 171 vehicles were arrested.

These alarming figures highlight the urgent need to take drastic measures to improve road safety and raise awareness among drivers and pedestrians alike.

From the website: Fez News

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