Medical school crisis / Government sets date for exams and criticizes the spread of “fallacies” on the issue

The Minister Delegate in charge of relations with Parliament, Mustapha Baytas, revealed the details of the government meeting that brought together representatives of medical and pharmaceutical students.

During a press conference in Rabat, Minister Baytas emphasized the government’s commitment to assume its full responsibility to ensure the quality of medical training in the country, calling on all concerned parties, including students and their parents, to assume their full responsibility in this context, and stressed the importance of preserving the educational dimension during this current debate.

The minister explained that there is a set of misinformation that has been circulated regarding this file, which harms constructive communication about it. Regarding immediate measures, the government announced the new exams program, where the spring session will start on June 26, 2024, followed by the catch-up session in August 2024, and the programming of the first semester catch-up session exams in September 2024.

A source close to the National Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical Students confirmed to a media outlet that they started with their proposals during the meeting, but were surprised by the government’s decision not to sign any agreements before the exams scheduled for June 26.

The government spokesperson announced the activation of a new structure for the medical education system starting from the next academic year 2024-2025, emphasizing the importance of the new national pedagogical book for the medical diploma, while maintaining the six-year training period and the academic value of the diploma.

Source : Fez News Media

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