Morocco’s government insists on reducing the length of medical school amid ongoing student protests

In a new development in the ongoing crisis in Morocco’s medical education sector, the Moroccan government, through its official spokesperson Mustapha Baytas, confirmed its decision to reduce the length of study in medical and pharmacy faculties from seven to six years. This confirmation comes at a time when medical and pharmacy students have been boycotting classes for nearly six and a half months.

In response to a statement by the National Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical Students (CNMP) announcing the continuation of the boycott of all educational activities, including exams, Payetas, who is also the Minister Delegate in charge of relations with Parliament, held an extraordinary press conference.

During the conference, Paytas confirmed that the government will not back down on the decision to reduce the length of medical studies, noting that a student will receive a doctorate in medicine, pharmacy or dentistry after six years of study. He added that the government has submitted a proposal to restructure medical training with the aim of strengthening the medical profession in the country and ensuring equal access to it.

For their part, students expressed their categorical rejection of the government’s decision, stressing that this decision will only make the situation worse. One student told the media that students will not accept the government’s threats, pointing out that their demands are serious and that the government’s decision is far from meeting their expectations.

In a statement issued by the National Committee of Medical and Pharmaceutical Students, the students accused the government of abandoning its commitments and settling for a superficial dialogue based on offers and verbal promises. They also considered the white year scenario to which they are being steered to be a costly political choice for the country.

At the end of the statement, the National Committee called on the government to engage in a serious and responsible dialogue to find a solution to this crisis, which will have negative effects on students and the health system in Morocco in general.

From the website: Fez News

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