Will the payment of the players’ dues help the university or will the word “leave” remain in the stands + (photos)

Opinion Article – There is no talk in the city of Fez except for the initiative taken by the resigned president of the association and the nail in the coffin of the MAS company, the initiative was positive for the players and motivated them to make a great effort during the Throne Cup and why not win this precious trophy for all national teams, but despite the payment of dues as well as giving promises and incentives may not have benefited Al-Jami, who is still demanded by the MAS fans to leave him under any circumstances.

Did the Oval machine move to find a replacement for him in order to enter the next professional championship with a sense of relief, or will the situation remain the same and the Moussaoui fans in general and the Fatal Tigers in particular, who are also sacrificing for a team that represents the city of Fez well, and his fans are among the most respectful and appreciative audiences. Everyone was amazed at the fans’ encouragement of their team while defeated, unlike the military fans who showed hatred and hatred by throwing a bottle of water on the field in the face of the security and auxiliary forces, and the Royal Army won with a 0-0 goal, so it is clear that the military fans are far from sports encouragement.

Correspondent : Abdelfattah Nemrouche

Source : Fes News Media

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