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Doctors and specialists have predicted the spread of a new variant of the coronavirus in Morocco. In recent days, experts have noticed the emergence of flu-like or coronavirus-like symptoms, especially after the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 17 new cases in the weekly Covid-19 bulletin. Doctors warned citizens not to follow the treatment protocol without medical advice, calling not to worry as these cases will not affect public life.

Dr El Tayeb Hamdi, a researcher in health policies and systems, said Moroccans have seen a rise in cases of fever, runny nose, joint and head pain, and fatigue over the past three weeks. Hamdi stressed that COVID-19 remains prevalent in the summer because it is not a seasonal disease but is linked to the emergence of new variants. Said El Moutawakel, a member of the COVID-19 National Committee, said that Europe is witnessing a new wave of variants, and Morocco is not immune.

As for Al Masaa, it reported that the Marrakech Court of First Instance decided to allow a student at the Victor Hugo Foundation of the French Mission to return to her studies after she was denied entry because she was wearing a headscarf. The court ruled in favour of the student, threatening a fine of 500 dirhams for each day of delay in implementation.

In other news, Al Masaa reported that the Marrakech Court of First Instance issued a preliminary judgement in a case of fraud against two Emirati and French companies. The expert appointed in the case was replaced and a new session was set to decide on the case.

Meanwhile, civic activists in Meknes questioned the role of the Addiction Medicine Centre in confronting the phenomenon of addiction among young people, calling for introducing the community to this vital facility to alleviate the suffering of families.

Bayan Al-Youm reacted to an investigation into the embezzlement of about 137 million centimes from the balance of an 80-year-old Moroccan immigrant. The victim’s children provided details of the scam, which was carried out through six forged cheques. The news reported that the signatures of the cheques did not match the bank’s signature data.

Finally, the newspaper referred to the controversy sparked by the decision to reform the Independent Fund for Death Compensation and increase the retirement grant. Said Riziqi, the delegate of the Marrakech branch, revealed that this reform aims to optimise the performance of the cooperative and belongs to the previous administrative board, noting that the project was supposed to be in force since 2023, but delays due to internal fractures prevented this from happening.

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