12 defendants in the case of the theft of a Polish steamer in Casablanca: Sentencing postponed to July 15 (video)

Casablanca, 24 June 2024: Dozens of mothers, fathers and relatives gathered on Monday afternoon in Hall 7 of the Casablanca Court of Appeal to watch the trial of 12 people accused of robbing a ship near Ain Sebbaa beach.

In the second session of this trial, the Criminal Chamber of First Instance decided to postpone the case until 15 July to allow the defence to prepare and prepare the file, as a number of lawyers are representing young men from the Abdallah Belhadj roundabout in Ain Sebaa.

The defendants are charged with felony port robbery at night and multiple robberies, as stipulated and punished in Article 508 of the Criminal Code.

Details of the case

The details of this case date back to July last year, when a group of young men raided a Polish ship that was damaged and proceeded to steal some supplies belonging to the crew and the ship.

According to judicial investigations, the 60-metre-long vessel was washed ashore after a breakdown, prompting a group of young men to use rubber boats to reach it and carry out the theft.

The crew of the ship, consisting of six members from sub-Saharan countries, confirmed during the investigations that the ship was stolen by unknown persons who infiltrated the ship after it got stuck in a rocky cliff, and that the robbery included the crew’s personal belongings, foodstuffs and other items.

The denial of the defendants:

The defendants, who were charged with felony port robbery at night and multiple robberies, denied the charges against them during their appearance before the investigating judge.

According to judicial sources, some of the defendants asserted that although they saw the ship docking and went to watch what was happening in the port after learning of the incident, they did not participate in the robbery.

Postponing the verdict:

At the request of the defence, the court decided to postpone the verdict in the case to a specific session on July 15 to allow for the preparation of the file and the defence of the defendants.

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