Morocco to Generalize Electronic Gates at Airports

Marrakech, June 24, 2024: Morocco is taking a significant step towards a new era of smooth and secure travel by generalizing smart electronic gates at a number of its main airports.

This initiative comes after the successful experience of installing the first electronic gate for the VIP lounge at Marrakech Menara Airport in 2018, in collaboration with Kuwait National Aviation Services Company, which was the first of its kind in Africa.

According to official reports, Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca, Marrakech Menara Airport, Agadir Al Massira Airport, Fes Sais Airport, and Rabat-Salé Airport will be equipped with these modern electronic gates, in order to enhance operational efficiency and reduce waiting times for passengers.

Advantages of electronic gates:

Electronic gates offer several advantages that make them an ideal choice for facilitating passenger movement, including:

  • Faster passage: These gates allow passengers to pass through without assistance, which significantly speeds up the boarding and exiting process at the airport.
  • Accuracy and efficiency: Electronic gates rely on biometric technology to verify passengers’ identities with high accuracy and speed, ensuring the security and safety of the process.
  • Ease of use: Electronic gates are easy to use, as they do not require any intervention from staff, providing a smooth experience for passengers.
  • Reduced congestion: Electronic gates help to reduce congestion at security checkpoints, creating a more organized and comfortable environment for passengers.

A step towards digitizing airport services:

Electronic gates are an important step towards digitizing airport services in Morocco, elevating the travel experience to a new level of efficiency and comfort.

In line with the global trend of modernizing border controls, this initiative is a significant achievement that contributes to strengthening Morocco’s position as a leading tourist destination.

In conclusion:

The generalization of electronic gates at Moroccan airports is a milestone in the development of the air transport sector, and a positive step towards achieving the Kingdom’s vision of keeping pace with global developments and enhancing the quality of services provided to passengers.

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