National Education Doctors Announce National Strike on July 3, 2024″

The National League of National Education Doctors has announced a national strike to be held on Wednesday, July 3, 2024, across all educational institutions and administrations under the Ministry of National Education.

This strike comes in protest of what the League described as “procrastination” by the Ministry of National Education in implementing previous agreements, especially the January 18, 2022 agreement, which stipulated the integration of doctors into the framework of research professors.

In its statement, the League demanded several points, most notably:

  1. Immediate integration and release of the first batch before the start of the next academic year.
  2. Implementation of the December 26, 2023 agreement retroactively from January 1, 2024.
  3. Granting full equivalence to the research professor in education and training with their counterparts from joint frameworks.

The League also denounced what it considered an exclusion of doctors from key articles in Decree No. 2.23.546 concerning the body of research professors for higher education training institutions.

The League called on the head of the Moroccan government to urgently intervene to ensure justice for the national education doctors and implement the signed agreements.

This strike represents the latest in a series of protest actions by the national education doctors, who have been struggling for years to resolve their file and improve their professional situation within the education system in Morocco.

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