Fire Engulfs Two Cars in Tangier: Experts Warn of Risks Associated with High Temperatures

The Moroccan city of Tangier witnessed an unfortunate incident today, as a fire broke out in two parked cars near a Marjane store. Fire brigades rushed to the scene and managed to control the flames before they spread to other vehicles or nearby buildings.

In the wake of this incident, safety experts have warned of the increasing risks of car fires during the summer season, especially with rising temperatures. They explained that there are several reasons that could lead to car ignitions in hot weather, including:

  1. Excessive engine overheating.
  2. Fuel leakage from the gas tank or fuel lines.
  3. Problems in the car’s electrical system.
  4. Leaving flammable materials inside the car under direct sunlight.

To avoid such incidents, experts provided a set of recommendations for drivers, including:

  1. Performing regular car maintenance, especially before the summer season.
  2. Avoiding leaving the car in the sun for extended periods.
  3. Not leaving flammable materials inside the car.
  4. Regularly checking fluid levels in the car.
  5. Paying attention to any strange odors or unusual sounds coming from the car.

Local authorities in Tangier confirmed that they will conduct a comprehensive investigation to determine the causes of the fire in this case, calling on citizens to exercise caution and adhere to safety guidelines during the summer season.

It is worth noting that this incident comes at a time when Morocco is experiencing a severe heat wave, which increases the importance of taking necessary precautions to protect property and lives.

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