Khenk Kro Dam: Significant progress and a year shorter construction time

Fejaij, 23 June 2024: The construction of the Khank Kro Dam in the Fejaij region is progressing well, with the completion rate reaching 33 per cent. Thanks to the accelerated pace of the project, the Kingdom was able to reduce the completion time by 12 months, or one year, in line with the Royal directives.

With a storage capacity of 1,069 million cubic metres and an estimated total cost of 1,200 million dirhams, the Khenk Kro Dam is the fifth largest dam in Morocco, with a storage capacity of 1,069 million cubic metres. This mega project aims to achieve a number of strategic objectives, including:

Irrigation of agricultural lands in the region: The dam will provide huge quantities of water to irrigate agricultural lands in the Fejaij region, which will contribute to enhancing agricultural productivity and improving food security in the region.
Flood protection: The dam will control the flow of rainwater, minimising the risk of flooding in the region.
Recharging the water table: The dam will contribute to the recharge of the aquifer in the Fejaij region, which will ensure the sustainability of water availability in the region.
Provision of potable water: The dam will provide quantities of potable water to the residents of the region, which will contribute to improving their living conditions.
Protecting agricultural lands from strong loads: The dam will protect farmland below it from the risk of soil erosion due to flooding.
The dam’s annual water imports will be 107 million cubic metres, while the dam is expected to be fully filled within 10 years from the start of the filling process.

The Khanak Kro Dam is a prominent example of the Kingdom of Morocco’s commitment to achieving sustainable development in various fields, especially in the field of water security, which is a key pillar of economic and social development.

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