Israel carries out assassinations in Lebanon and Gaza, killing 42 people

Israel carried out two simultaneous assassination attempts in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip on Saturday, targeting two prominent members of militant groups. Israel’s Channel 14 confirmed that the Israeli army targeted a car in the Western Bekaa, eastern Lebanon, killing the leader of the Islamic Group, Ayman Hashim al-Ghatma. It added that the army carried out another airstrike in Gaza City’s al-Shati refugee camp, killing Raed Saad, a commander in the military wing of Hamas.

Who is Ayman Ghatmeh?

Ayman Hashim Ghatmeh, who belonged to the Islamic Group in Lebanon, had a long history of military operations against Israel. His car was targeted in the town of Khayara in the western Bekaa, killing him. Sky News Arabia reported that al-Ghatmeh was responsible for supplying weapons to Hamas and the Islamic Group in Lebanon.

Who is Raed Saad?

Raed Saad is a member of the military council of al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, and is responsible for the operations and industrialisation pillar. Saad was the subject of previous assassination and arrest attempts, which failed. Israeli army radio confirmed that Saad was killed in a bombing of a residential complex in Gaza’s al-Shati refugee camp, killing 42 people, including many women and children.

Escalation in Gaza

Gaza City witnessed a major escalation in military operations today, with Israeli raids targeting the Beach Camp and Al-Tuffah neighbourhood, killing more than 42 people. Israeli forces continue to carry out military operations in the Gaza Strip, further complicating the humanitarian situation and raising fears that the conflict could escalate into a wider confrontation.

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