BBC attacks Saudi Arabia: These are the causes of the 2024 Hajj deaths

In a controversial report, the BBC attacked the Saudi authorities, highlighting the main reasons behind the high number of deaths among pilgrims during the 2024 Hajj season. The BBC noted that the extreme heat, which reached 51.8 degrees centigrade in the shade, was one of the main factors behind the deaths of 1,096 pilgrims.

The lack of basic services such as cooling and adequate sanitary facilities, as well as overcrowding and poorly managed transport, reportedly contributed to increased suffering among pilgrims. It was also reported that many irregular pilgrims were unable to access the necessary support, increasing the death toll.

These criticisms come at a time when Saudi Arabia announced the success of its health plans for the Hajj season, noting that there were no outbreaks or threats to public health.

From the website: FasNews

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