Marble factory on Ismailia Street causes mental and organic illnesses among residents

Al-Ismailia Street, in front of the Al-Muftah residence and near Lahsan Al-Youssi High School, has seen an increase in complaints from local residents due to the marble factory located in the centre of the community. The factory is causing psychological and organic illnesses due to the constant noise and environmental pollution.

Several residents reported suffering from constant headaches, shortness of breath, and psychological stress as a result of the noise and pollutants generated by the factory’s activity. Some confirmed that they are suffering from deteriorating health conditions, including respiratory issues and skin diseases due to the dust from the marble manufacturing process.

Despite repeated complaints to the local authorities, no concrete measures have been taken so far to resolve this environmental and health issue. Residents are demanding that the factory be relocated to an industrial area away from residential communities, in order to protect their health and safety.

FasNews sources called on the concerned authorities to take urgent action to protect citizens and take the necessary measures to minimise the effects of the marble factory on the environment and public health.


From the website: Fas News

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