The spread of hallucinogenic pills in Zouagha district of Fez due to the laxity of the Royal Gendarmerie at the border

In an exclusive statement to Fez News, a victim of addiction to hallucinogenic pills revealed the dangerous situation in the Zouagha district of Fez. He explained that the spread of these destructive pills is due to the laxity of the Royal Gendarmerie on the border between Moulay Yacoub province and Fes, making the area an easy corridor for the promotion and smuggling of these narcotic substances.

The source pointed out that many young people in the region have fallen victim to addiction to “Qarqoubi”, which leads to serious social and health issues that threaten society. The current situation requires urgent intervention by the concerned authorities to tighten security control and intensify efforts to combat the smuggling and distribution of these pills, he added.

The victim called on the authorities to take decisive action to curb this phenomenon, stressing that protecting youth and society from the threat of drug addiction is a collective responsibility that requires concerted efforts.

These statements come at a time of growing concerns about the effects of the spread of drugs on security and social stability in the region, which calls for immediate action by the competent authorities to address this phenomenon and minimise its negative repercussions.

From the website: Fez News

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