Customs and National Security coordination at Ceuta crossing thwarts smuggling of large quantity of hashish

Customs and National Security agents at the Ceuta Gate crossing succeeded, on Friday morning, in thwarting the smuggling of 39 kilograms of hashish.

According to a customs source, customs and national security officers in the departure area of the Bab Ceuta crossing, thanks to their fruitful cooperation and the support of the trained dogs of the National Security, managed to detect and seize this quantity of drugs on board a four-wheel drive vehicle with a German license plate, which was heading towards the occupied city of Ceuta.

Following a thorough search of the vehicle, the Customs and National Security agents found the quantity of narcotics prepared in the form of sheets carefully hidden in specialized places inside the floor of the vehicle.

The driver of the car, a Moroccan citizen residing abroad with a Dutch passport, was arrested and referred to the judicial police authorities for investigation, while the drugs and the car were seized for investigation under the supervision of the competent public prosecution.

Source : Fes News Media

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