In light of the continuous rise in prices : Baitas reveals the contents of a draft law approved to reform wholesale markets for vegetables and fruits + (video)

Mustapha Baitas, Minister in charge of relations with Parliament and government spokesperson, stressed that the draft law on special measures for the marketing of fruits and vegetables produced within the framework of agricultural aggregation aims to open new opportunities “exceptionally”, with the aim of improving and organizing wholesale markets.

During a press conference following the meeting, Baitas explained that the decree allows aggregators, under special licenses, to market the said products “exceptionally” without having to go through wholesale markets.

He noted that this new framework requires the fulfillment of certain conditions, which will be examined by a central committee comprising several ministries, including interior, agriculture and industry, to review the applications submitted and ensure the implementation of the appropriate criteria.

In a related context, the minister announced their intention to open the first wholesale market in the Rabat-Salé-Quneitra region, with expectations to generalize this initiative across 12 other markets in the future, stressing that these government efforts come as a continuation of study reports prepared by multiple institutions, including commissions and parliament.

Baytas also emphasized that regional committees will monitor the quality of products and ensure that they comply with the specified conditions, and decisions will be taken to extend or withdraw them according to the stipulated deadlines, emphasizing the government’s commitment to improving the market environment and effectively supporting the agricultural sector.

Source : Fes News Media

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