Mustapha Baytas: “We recognize that we are facing a difficult drought crisis, but this does not prevent us from giving importance to food security” + (video)

In a press conference held on Thursday after the government council meeting, government spokesperson Mustapha Baitas emphasized that the government has taken several decisive measures to address economic challenges, especially inflation, which has reached alarming levels.

He explained that these measures consisted of supporting the Clearing Fund by 45 billion dirhams through 2022, and that the government will continue to support the role of the fund with increasing effectiveness. He also alluded to other important decisions such as the suspension of import duties, especially in the field of red meat, and the implementation of plans to confront economic and climatic conditions at an estimated cost of 10 billion dirhams.

The government spokesperson continued that the government has opened additional funds for the National Office of Water and Electricity in significant amounts, to maintain the stability of water and electricity consumption prices, in light of a significant increase in electricity production costs.

Payetas also referred to the government’s efforts through social dialogue, which resulted in the resolution of a number of pending issues, such as the increase of wages in the public sector, including the “samik” and “samak”, with the aim of combating inflation.

Regarding food security, the spokesperson emphasized that the government attaches great importance to this matter, with the implementation of multiple schemes aimed at achieving food self-sufficiency, especially in light of the challenges posed by severe droughts on agricultural production and water supply.

Mr. Baytas stressed the government’s determination to address the current economic and climatic challenges with effective and robust measures, with the aim of enhancing the country’s stability and the well-being of its citizens.

Source : Fez News Media

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