Mustafa Baytas : “The government continues to confront inflation, and international reports attest to this.” + (video)

Mustapha Baitas, the government spokesperson, confirmed on Thursday that inflation rates in Morocco have dropped significantly thanks to government measures despite the challenges posed by the drought.

During a press conference held after the cabinet meeting, Baytas explained that this decline in inflation rates is not only recognized by the government alone, but is also confirmed by independent institutions that issue reports on the subject.

He emphasized that the government is working hard to ensure economic stability and enhance food security through several measures, including the continued allocation of clearing fund resources at reduced levels due to the decline in inflation rates.

Baytas reaffirmed the government’s commitment to combat the drought crisis by allocating Dh10 billion in support, especially in the agricultural sectors, and launched direct social support programs at great cost, in addition to supporting housing and free health care for the needy at a cost of Dh10 billion, and enhancing transportation support at a cost of Dh8 billion.

The spokesman pointed out that the government places food security at the center of its priorities and strives to ensure its stability and improvement by implementing plans to address economic and climatic challenges at a cost of 10 billion dirhams, in addition to improving irrigation and drinking systems and suspending import duties, especially in the red meat sector.

Source: Fez News Media

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