Rajaoui fan dies after being attacked with a bladed weapon by supporters of a rival team. Security is mobilized!

On Thursday, police officers in the Sidi Bernoussi security area in Casablanca arrested seven people suspected of involvement in violence related to sports hooliganism, which resulted in the death of a spectator due to a physical assault with a white weapon, according to a statement from the General Directorate of National Security.

According to a statement by the General Directorate of National Security, a number of people affiliated with a football club’s fan faction gathered in several places in the Sidi Bernosi and Sidi Moumen areas of Casablanca to celebrate winning the championship shield and commemorate a special event, before they got into a fight with a rival faction that developed into violence and rioting using artificial flares and throwing stones.

These criminal acts resulted in the injury of a police officer and the death of one of the participants in these acts as a result of a serious physical assault by those affiliated with the rival faction.

The interventions carried out by the National Security Services led to the arrest of six participants in the acts of gathering and violence related to sports hooliganism, while the perpetrators of the murder were identified and are currently being sought for arrest pending judicial investigation.

The search and seizure procedures also resulted in the discovery in the possession of equipment and white weapons used to facilitate the commission of these criminal acts, namely a mask that obscures identifying information, white weapons and a firearm.

The arrested suspects were subjected to judicial investigation supervised by the competent public prosecution to uncover all the circumstances, circumstances and backgrounds of this case, while investigations are still ongoing to arrest the rest of those involved in the commission of these criminal acts.

Source : Fez News

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