Moroccan workers top the list of foreign workers contributing the most to the Spanish social security system

News of Moroccan workers working and contributing to the Spanish social security system has made headlines in Morocco, after data showed that for the second month in a row, Moroccans represent the largest group of foreign workers contributing to the system.

According to Al Masaa, the number of Moroccans enrolled in Spanish social security reached 358,371 by the end of May, an increase of 11,500 workers compared to April. Moroccan workers outnumbered Romanian workers, who numbered 351,890.

The number of foreign workers registered in Spain reached a “new record” of 2,882,967, an increase of 77,912 in May.

The report noted that of the total foreign workers contributing to Spanish social security as of the end of the fifth month of the year, about 1,957,685 are from non-European countries.

Source: Fez News Media

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