Tiznit Court Sentences Car Guard to Prison and Fine for Assaulting Bank Employee

The Court of First Instance in the Moroccan city of Tiznit issued a verdict on Thursday, sentencing a car guard to prison and a fine on charges of assault, battery, fraud, and violence against a public servant during the performance of his duties.

The court sentenced the defendant, who is in his twenties, to eight months of enforceable imprisonment and a fine of 1,000 dirhams. The court also ordered the defendant to pay 10,000 dirhams in compensation to the victim.

The details of the case date back to the 10th of this month, when a bank employee was physically assaulted by a car guard. The attack resulted in serious injuries to the victim’s left eye, as the assailant used an iron ring while throwing punches, which increased the severity of the injuries.

According to sources, the incident began when the guard asked the employee to remove a service car from a parking lot near the bank to make room for another vehicle. When the employee refused, the guard attacked him, causing injuries that required 19 days of physical disability according to the medical report.

It’s worth noting that the Tiznit municipality had announced months ago that all parking lots in the city would be free until the completion of new rental contract procedures. However, this decision has not been implemented to date, and many car guards continue to operate in the parking lots despite signs indicating free service.

This incident highlights an ongoing problem in the management of parking lots in the city and raises questions about the implementation of municipal decisions and citizen safety.

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