Government approves “Pioneer Schools” decree to enhance quality of public education

Rabat, Morocco – The government council today approved draft decree No. 2.44.144 related to “Pioneer Schools”, presented by the Minister of National Education, Early Childhood Education and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa.

New decree embodies the government’s commitment to improving the quality of public education

The new draft decree comes within the framework of implementing the 2022-2026 roadmap for a quality public school, and in support of the agreement of December 26, 2023 between the tripartite ministerial committee and representatives of the most representative trade unions on the unified status of officials of the National Education, according to the Minister of State in charge of relations with Parliament and government spokesman, Mustapha Baitas, at a press conference following the council meeting.

“Pioneer Schools”: An ambitious educational project

The draft decree aims to establish an ambitious educational project under the title “Pioneer Schools” to which public educational institutions adhere to ensure high-quality teaching and learning, and to achieve effective management of these institutions. The project seeks to raise the level of mastery of basic skills, strengthen the blossoming and development of students, and reduce dropout and school dropout rates.

Key components to ensure the success of “Pioneer Schools”

The draft decree includes a number of essential components to ensure the success of “Pioneer Schools”, including:

  • Precise criteria for selecting schools: Precise criteria will be defined for selecting schools that will join the “Pioneer Schools” project, based on objective indicators that measure the quality of education and administrative management.
  • Material and pedagogical support: Pioneer schools will benefit from significant material and pedagogical support to strengthen their capacities and develop their educational practices.
  • Training of distinguished teachers: The focus will be on training distinguished teachers who are able to keep pace with modern pedagogical developments and apply the best educational practices.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation: An effective system will be put in place to continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of pioneer schools, in order to ensure the sustainability of the quality of education and to continuously improve it.

“Pioneer Schools”: An important step towards high-quality public education

The “Pioneer Schools” project is an important step towards enhancing the quality of public education in Morocco, and aims to create a stimulating and appropriate educational environment to develop the skills and abilities of students, and prepare them to meet the challenges of the future. The project also embodies the government’s firm commitment to achieving equity and justice in education, and ensuring that all students have access to high-quality education regardless of their background or geographical location.

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