After the last day of Hajj Hajj pilgrims bid farewell to Mina and Saudi Arabia begins receiving Umrah pilgrims and issuing visas

MAKKAH, Saudi Arabia – Hajj pilgrims on Wednesday, the last day of Hajj and the third day of Tashریق, concluded the Hajj rituals by stoning the three Jamarats (pillars), surrounded by the care and attention of Allah.

Stoning the Jamarats with ease and tranquility

Pilgrims stoned the three Jamarats, starting with the small Jamarat, followed by the middle one, and then the large Jamarat, in a movement marked by ease and tranquility, both in their paths to go for stoning and to Makkah to perform the Farewell Tawaf.

Farewell Tawaf concludes the rites

After stoning the Jamarats, pilgrims headed to the Grand Mosque to perform the Farewell Tawaf, marking the end of the Hajj rituals. An atmosphere of reverence and tranquility prevailed during the Tawaf, as pilgrims were keen to supplicate and implore Allah Almighty.

Farewell to Mina filled with memories

Today, pilgrims bid farewell to the Mina sentiment, after completing their pilgrimage and performing the fifth pillar of Islam. They carry with them the most beautiful memories, hoping to return to their homelands forgiven of their sins and transgressions, as if they were born anew.

The story of bidding farewell to Mina remains immortal

The story of pilgrims bidding farewell to Mina is an immortal one in memory, as they lived through moments and minutes filled with love and happiness, adorning them with acts of obedience, remembrance, and worship of Allah, prostrating and weeping between the hands of their Lord the Most Gracious, driven by hope and aspiration for the acceptance of their pilgrimage and the forgiveness of their sins.

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah continues its efforts to serve the Guests of the Rahman

At the same time, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah today began receiving Umrah pilgrims and issuing their visas, as part of its preparations for the new Umrah season. The ministry is working to facilitate the arrival of more Guests of the Rahman and to provide them with what meets their needs and fulfills their aspirations, in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership and the keenness to improve the experience of pilgrims, Umrah performers, and visitors.

A successful season thanks to cooperation and planning

This year’s Hajj season was a resounding success thanks to the cooperation and meticulous planning of all parties involved in the Guests of the Rahman service system. Pilgrims were provided with all the necessary services to perform their rituals with ease and tranquility, which contributed to creating a distinctive spiritual atmosphere.

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