The Hassan Marrakchi is a maritime facility to enhance the search for offshore resources in southern Morocco

Boujdour, Morocco – The research vessel “Al Hassan Al-Marrakchi” has returned to the port of Boujdour to refuel and stock up on supplies in preparation for resuming its research mission for marine resources off the southern coast of Morocco.

Scientific journey to strengthen Morocco’s sovereignty over its marine resources

The vessel set sail from the port of Agadir four months ago, carrying on board Moroccan researchers and scientists, on a scientific mission aimed at strengthening Morocco’s sovereignty over its marine resources, mapping accurate sea borders, and discovering new potential for fish and precious mineral wealth.

A state-of-the-art vessel that marks a qualitative leap in marine research

“Al Hassan Al-Marrakchi” is the first Moroccan scientific vessel of its kind, equipped with the latest technologies and advanced equipment, enabling it to conduct accurate scientific studies and research at depths of up to 1,000 meters.

Named in honor of a pioneering Moroccan scientist

The vessel was named “Al Hassan Al-Marrakchi” in honor of the Moroccan mathematician and astronomer Abu Ali Al-Hasan ibn Ali ibn Omar Al-Marrakchi, who is considered one of the pioneers of astronomy and mathematics, and the first to put lines of longitude and latitude on the map.

A crucial scientific tool to strengthen the maritime balance

“Al Hassan Al-Marrakchi” represents a crucial scientific tool to strengthen the maritime balance between Morocco and Spain, especially in the field of delimiting maritime borders between the two countries, whether at the level of the occupied cities of Ceuta and Melilla or at the level of the Canary Islands.

Discovery of ” جبل تروبيك”: A huge mineral wealth

The vessel contributed to the discovery of “جبل تروبيك” off the coast of Tarfaya, a mountain rich in precious minerals that are crucial in the fields of electric car manufacturing and smart phone and computer memory manufacturing.

Advanced Japanese manufacturing

The “Al Hassan Al-Marrakchi” vessel was built in Japan, in cooperation between the companies “Toyota Tsusho” and “Mitsui Shipbuilding”. It is 48 meters long, 22 meters wide, and cost 480 million US dollars.

An important step towards transforming Morocco into a regional power

The return of “Al Hassan Al-Marrakchi” to the port of Boujdour is an important step towards strengthening Morocco’s capabilities in the field of marine research and discovering its natural resources, which contributes to its transformation into a leading regional power in scientific and technological fields.

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