Electricity company employee tells FasNews: “People in popular neighborhoods are increasingly stealing electricity”

Theft of electricity is on the rise in popular neighbourhoods, according to an employee of the Electricity Company, who told FasNews that many residents are stealing electricity in multiple illegal ways.

The employee expressed his concern about the worsening of this phenomenon, which negatively affects the quality of services provided, increases the financial burden on the company, and leads to damage to the electrical infrastructure that may cause interruptions and damage in the long term.

The employee stressed that the company is working hard to identify and address these violations in cooperation with the concerned authorities, stressing the need to educate residents about the seriousness of these illegal practices and their legal consequences.

The source, who declined to be identified for fear of reprisals from his department for revealing these facts, added that as the summer heat in Fez intensifies, the consumption of energy in popular neighbourhoods increases, but the meter remains stable, which explains the increase in this phenomenon.

In a related context, the employee called on citizens to abide by the laws and resort to official channels to obtain electricity legally, to ensure the provision of stable and safe electricity services for all.

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From the website: FasNews

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