National Judicial Police National Squad arrests Danish national wanted for murder in international drug trafficking case

On Thursday, June 20, members of the National Judicial Police Squad arrested a 32-year-old Danish national, who was the subject of an international arrest warrant issued by the Danish judicial authorities in a case of intentional homicide in the context of settling scores between international drug trafficking networks.

The arrest of the suspect comes within the framework of international cooperation in security matters, as well as within the framework of the efforts of the General Directorate of National Security to pursue internationally wanted persons in cases of transnational crime.

The suspect was arrested in Casablanca, where a check against the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) database revealed that he was wanted internationally under an arrest warrant issued by the Danish judicial authorities to serve a prison sentence for his involvement in a case related to intentional homicide as part of the settlement of accounts between international drug and psychotropic substances trafficking networks. The seizure and search operation carried out in this case also resulted in the discovery of a quantity of hashish and a forged German passport, bearing his own photo and a false identity in the name of another.

The suspect was taken into custody as part of the judicial investigation being conducted under the supervision of the competent public prosecution, while the National Central Bureau of Interpol Rabat, part of the General Directorate of National Security, was tasked with notifying its counterpart in Denmark of the arrest pending extradition.

Source: Fes News Media

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