Morocco advances in the FIFA rankings to 12th in the world!

The Moroccan national team continued its brilliance and achieved a new achievement by ranking 12th in the FIFA rankings released on Thursday, one place higher than the last ranking (13th).

This advancement comes after the Atlas Lions’ outstanding results in the 2026 World Cup qualifying matches, where they managed to win against Zambia and Congo Brazzaville.

Thanks to this achievement, the Moroccan national team gained one more point to increase its score to 1669.44 points, surpassing Colombia in the world rankings.

At the global level, the Argentine national team maintained its lead in the rankings for the third time in a row, while France and Belgium occupied the second and third places, respectively.

The new rankings saw the Brazilian national team move up one spot to fourth place, while the English national team fell to fifth place.

Among the most notable changes in the top ten, the Croatian national team rose to ninth place from tenth place, while the Italian national team fell to tenth place.

This achievement is a source of pride for Moroccan fans and emphasizes the continuous development of Moroccan football at the international level.

These distinguished results come as a result of the efforts exerted by the Moroccan Football Federation, the technical staff of the national team, and the players who performed well in the various matches.

Source : Fes News Media

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