Taxi Driver Jailed for Extorting and Robbing VTC Drivers in Casablanca

Rabat, Morocco – A taxi driver has been jailed in Oukacha Prison in Casablanca for extorting and robbing VTC (Voiture de Transport avec Chauffeur) drivers who use online applications for personal or professional travel.

Security forces arrested the suspect last Wednesday on charges of extortion and theft from VTC drivers. The suspect pretended to be a taxi driver and a member of a group called the “White Taxi Falcons” and threatened his victims with calling in his accomplices and the police to arrest them, subjecting them to blackmail.

Contacted by Assahraa Al Maghribia, Samir Farabi, general secretary of the Democratic Transport Union, confirmed that the union had received numerous complaints from VTC drivers who had been victims of fraud and blackmail by a member of this group. The “White Taxi Falcons” are known for their illegal operations, including harassment, ambushes, impersonation, obstruction and blackmail.

According to Farabi, the suspect operated mainly in Hay Sadri, near a gas station where tow trucks are located. He deceived his victims by claiming to be in contact with union officials, threatening them with the seizure of their vehicles and forcing them to pay between 1,000 and 3,000 dirhams to avoid prosecution. Farabi stressed that this case is unprecedented and called on law enforcement to investigate active Facebook pages that recruit new taxi drivers and incite them to illegal actions against VTC drivers, exploiting the legal vacuum and lack of regulation in the sector.

In addition, Farabi urged taxi unions to raise awareness among their members to put an end to these criminal activities. He accused some union officials of encouraging blackmail against VTC drivers under the pretext of fighting this type of emerging transport.

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