France simplifies visa procedures for Moroccan graduates of French universities

Rabat, Morocco: France announced on Monday the launch of a new initiative to facilitate visa procedures for Moroccan graduates of French universities. The aim of this initiative is to simplify the visa application process and reduce processing times, while emphasizing that visas are not automatically granted to all applicants.

Eligibility for the initiative

The initiative is aimed at Moroccan graduates of French universities who hold a master’s degree or equivalent, an engineering degree, or a doctorate. Beneficiaries must also be registered on the “France Alumni” platform.

Simplified procedures and “benevolent” treatment of applications

The French Consulate General in Rabat explained that this initiative has been specifically designed for Moroccan graduates of French universities, with the aim of simplifying visa application procedures, including making it easier to book appointments and reducing response times.

According to the data, Morocco ranked second among African countries in terms of the number of Schengen visa applications rejected in 2023, with 136,367 applications rejected, costing Morocco an estimated 10.9 million euros, or 117 million dirhams.

The new initiative aims to address this situation by facilitating procedures for Moroccan graduates. The French Consulate General stressed that “it will be easier to book a visa appointment and have your application processed. You will have dedicated time slots to submit your application.”

She also pointed out that while Schengen regulations will be respected, applications will be treated “benevolently”.

Benefits of the new visa

The consulate clarified that the initiative does not grant visas automatically to all applicants, but that complete applications will allow for the obtaining of a multiple-entry visa valid for one to five years. This visa will allow beneficiaries to enter France and travel within the European Union multiple times.

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