Medina receives pilgrims after completing their Hajj rituals + (photos and video)

The vanguard of pilgrims arrived in Medina after completing this year’s Hajj rituals, as part of a blessed faith journey that includes visiting and praying at the Prophet’s Mosque and the honor of greeting the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and his two companions, may Allah’s peace be upon them.

All governmental and private entities related to Hajj work in Medina have completed their preparations to receive pilgrims, as they work to provide the best services and implement operational plans for the post-Hajj season, in integrated coordination between the various sectors to ensure the comfort and safety of pilgrims.

Intensive preparations to receive pilgrims

The relevant authorities have raised their readiness to receive pilgrims during the post-Hajj season and provide all facilities that ensure the smooth arrival and movement of buses heading to the land departure ports or to their residences in the central area.

Field teams work in several temporary centers, with the participation of security patrols, to direct pilgrims’ buses by land, sea and air to the reception centers designated for them, and these teams are present around the clock until the fifteenth of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah, to keep pace with the intensity of the movement of the arrival of pilgrims.

Pilgrims arriving in Medina

Medina is currently witnessing the arrival of pilgrims, and is expected to witness a greater density of arrivals over the next two days.

Visiting Medina after performing the Hajj is one of the confirmed Sunnahs, where pilgrims visit the Prophet’s Mosque to pray in it and have the honor of greeting the Messenger of Allah, and visit many mosques and Islamic sites that are closely related to the Prophet’s biography.

Medina’s hosting of Hajj pilgrims embodies Islam’s message of generosity and hospitality and emphasizes the importance of this holy city in the hearts of Muslims around the world.

Source : Fez News Media

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