Spain renews its commitment to continue firefighting cooperation with Morocco

The Spanish government on Tuesday reiterated its firm commitment to continue its cooperation with Morocco in the field of firefighting.

Spain will continue to cooperate with the Kingdom in the field of firefighting, according to bilateral agreements signed with several countries, including Morocco, according to a statement issued by the Presidency of the Spanish Government following a meeting of the Council of Ministers.

To this end, an action plan for the prevention and control of forest fires for the year 2024 has been adopted, which aims to define the means by which the State General Administration supports regional firefighting mechanisms, which play a unifying, comprehensive and coordinating role for all State policies in this area.

This agreement approves the measures contained in the 2024 Forest Fire Prevention and Control Action Plan and takes note of the report on the implementation of the measures contained in the 2023 Forest Fire Prevention and Control Action Plan.

Since 2005, the Spanish government has been adopting a set of interdepartmental measures that make up the annual action plan for forest fire prevention and control.

These measures include strengthening cooperation between Spanish and Moroccan administrations in the exchange of information and expertise, organizing training and education, and providing equipment and supplies for firefighting.

Spain’s renewed commitment to cooperate with Morocco in the field of firefighting comes in a context characterized by increased fire risks, especially in light of climate change.

These risks are a major challenge for both countries, as fires cause enormous material and human losses.

Therefore, joint cooperation between Morocco and Spain in this field is essential to enhance the capacities of both countries to effectively prevent and fight fires.

Source: Fes News Media

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