The Regional Board of Accounts in Fez receives complaints of financial crimes in one of the local authorities of Taza Province

Fez – The Regional Board of Accounts (RBA) in Fez has received complaints regarding financial crimes related to a local community in Taza Province. The complaints come within the framework of efforts to combat financial and administrative corruption within local institutions.

Informed sources reported that the complaints addressed to the regional council include accusations of wasting public money and financial mismanagement, in addition to irregularities in the implementation of development projects. The complainants expressed their dissatisfaction with the practices of some local officials whom they accuse of being involved in financial and administrative corruption.

The intervention of the Regional Board of Accounts comes in the context of strengthening oversight of the management of public funds and ensuring transparency in the management of local affairs. The council is expected to conduct in-depth and comprehensive investigations to look into these complaints and take the necessary legal measures if violations are proven.

The Regional Board of Accounts has previously emphasized its commitment to fighting corruption and working to improve the administrative and financial performance of local communities, with the aim of strengthening trust between citizens and government institutions.

Residents of the Taza region are awaiting the results of the investigations to be conducted by the Regional Board of Accounts, hoping that they will reveal the facts and hold those responsible for any violations or irregularities accountable, thus contributing to improving the management of financial resources and ensuring sustainable development of the region.

Source : Fes News Media

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