A source tells FasNews: Morocco Fassi fans prepare to escalate protests to demand the departure and accountability of the president

Fès – A source revealed to Fès News that fans of the Morocco Fassi football club are preparing to escalate their forms of protest to demand the departure and accountability of the club’s president. The move comes after a period of tensions and criticisms by the fans of the club’s management due to negative results and administrative management, which they described as a failure.

According to the source, the angry fans intend to organize a series of vigils and demonstrations in front of the club’s headquarters and in various streets of the city, with the aim of clearly communicating their message to the management and putting pressure on officials to take serious and swift action.

The fans accuse the president of failing to fulfill his electoral promises and failing to improve the team’s performance, which has led to deteriorating sports results and frustrating the fans of the storied club. They also demand that he be held accountable for what they describe as financial and administrative mismanagement that has negatively affected the team’s reputation and career.

For their part, some supporters’ associations affirmed that they will remain committed to peaceful and organized protests, calling on all fans to unite and rally around their legitimate demands in a civilized manner that reflects a positive image of Morocco’s fans.

In light of these tensions, the future of the club’s management remains unknown, as pressure is expected to increase on the current president to respond to the demands of the fans, or face a greater escalation that may affect the stability of the team and its sporting future.

Source : Fez News Media

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