Staff and inmates of Borghese local prison in Fez celebrate Eid al-Adha

As every year, in an atmosphere full of love, harmony and joy, the staff of the local prison of Bourkayez in Fez celebrated the blessed Eid al-Adha on Monday, June 17, 2024. The celebration came under the supervision of the directors of prison institutions and the regional and local branches of the Social Solidarity Association for male and female employees of the General Delegation for Prison and Reintegration Administration, in honor of their great sacrifices in the performance of their duty.

The ceremony began with the slaughter of the Eid sacrifice assigned to the prison staff in the presence of the director of the institution, the head of security and discipline and the social supervisor. The event was characterized by an atmosphere of joy and harmony, as everyone gathered to exchange congratulations and share a meal, creating a spirit of cooperation and cohesion among the staff.

This special Eid atmosphere comes within the framework of the social solidarity policy adopted by the Prisons Department, which aims to strengthen social ties between employees and provide an atmosphere of psychological comfort for them, especially those who have to work on Eid days away from their families.

The ceremony also witnessed a tight organization and security measures to ensure that the festivities go on peacefully and successfully. The celebration was not only limited to sacrifice and lunch, but also included several social and communication activities among the employees, which contributed to strengthening the human bonds between them.

On this great religious occasion, the FasNews team extends its warmest and most sincere congratulations to all prison staff, asking God Almighty to accept their efforts and sacrifices for the sake of duty, and to return them to this honorable occasion in full health and well-being. Happy New Year to all.

Source : Fez News Media

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