Mohamed Boudrika Settles in Sharjah to Evade Legal Prosecutions in Morocco

In a move that exposes his attempt to flee multiple legal prosecutions in his home country Morocco, businessman Mohamed Boudrika has chosen to settle permanently in the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Initially, Boudrika had temporarily settled in the Spanish city of Malaga, and before that in England, where he claimed to be receiving medical treatment, before eventually deciding to settle permanently in Sharjah recently.

Boudrika’s name is at the center of numerous legal prosecutions on various charges, including forgery, fraud, failure to repay bank loans, and bounced checks, according to media reports.

Boudrika had earlier left Morocco heading to the UAE to avoid arrest amid the ongoing legal prosecutions against him, while his Lebanese wife took care of enrolling their children in a French school in Sharjah.

The Moroccan authorities have issued an international arrest warrant for Boudrika. However, his presence in the United Arab Emirates will shield him from arrest, as the warrant issued against him is local and not international, according to available information.

The cases related to Mohamed Boudrika remain pending in Moroccan courts, awaiting the developments in this complex file.

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