Idriss Mesrour: Governor boosts Fes’ competitiveness by encouraging tourism investments ahead of the 2030 World Cup

In an exclusive statement to Fes News, Idriss Mesrour emphasised the historical status of the city of Fes, which contains the oldest and largest ancient city in the world. He praised the efforts made by Governor Said Azniber and officials to encourage investors in the tourism field to build new hotel and leisure units by 2030.

Masrour also noted the importance of Fez airport, which is one of the most important airports in Morocco, receiving daily flights from Spanish and Portuguese cities, the countries organising the event. The large perimeter of the Fez stadium helps organise the entry and exit of fans, as well as the establishment of fan zones, which enhances the city’s ability to host major sporting events, he added.

All these efforts will enhance the city’s presence on the international stage, giving it a great chance to host one of the 2030 World Cup matches and making it a leading tourist and sports destination, Masrour said.

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