CASA BLANCA Customs arrests a flight attendant in a massive gold smuggling operation

At Mohammed V Airport, customs recently found a precious treasure after a Moroccan flight attendant of Emirates Airlines was caught smuggling quantities of gold on every flight between Dubai and Casablanca.

According to Al Sabah newspaper, which reported the details, the search of the flight attendant and his bag upon arrival at Mohammed V International Airport resulted in the seizure of 12 pieces of pure gold, each weighing one kilogram, in addition to precious watches valued at more than 600 million dirhams.

The sources confirmed that the value of smuggled gold on each flight reaches 960 million, which raises suspicions about the host’s involvement with the gold smuggling mafia, especially since the price of gold in the UAE is higher than in Morocco, and it seems that the UAE is only a transit station to camouflage the smuggling route.

The suspect was transferred to the judicial police to interrogate him about the details of his smuggling of large quantities of gold, its source and destination, as well as other businessmen involved in smuggling precious metals across continents.

This operation is part of a series of recent operations carried out by the Customs, during which large sums of money and many smuggled goods were seized.

From the website: Fez News

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