Idris Masrour: Fez could host the quarterfinals if the right conditions are met

In a new statement to Fès News, Idriss Mesrour, a sports player in the Fès-Meknès region, confirmed that Fès could host the World Cup quarter-final match if some basic conditions are met. Masrour explained that the sports complex in Fez is the first in the country in terms of technical standards required by FIFA, but he stressed the need to increase the hotel capacity and accelerate the launch of road, rail and air infrastructure projects to ensure the successful hosting of this major event.

Masrour added that achieving these requirements will enable Fez to join the list of host cities, which will contribute significantly to boosting the local economy and tourism and making the city a global sporting destination. He called on officials to intensify efforts to achieve these goals as soon as possible, stressing the importance of co-operation between all stakeholders to ensure timely implementation of the projects.

Masrour pointed out that Fez has all the ingredients to be part of this global sporting event, and that hard and continuous work will ensure that the city has a great chance to host the quarter-final match, which will enhance its status at the national and international levels.

From the website: Fez News

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