Idriss Mesrour : Fez is a reserve city and will not benefit from any World Cup match

In an exclusive statement to Fès News, Idriss Mesrour, a sports player in the Fès-Meknès region, expressed his opinion that Fès will not be among the host cities of the World Cup, as it will remain a reserve city.

Masrour confirmed that the ranking of Moroccan cities expected to host the matches includes Casablanca in first place, followed by Rabat in second place, then Tangier, Marrakech, and Agadir, noting that Fez comes in sixth place, making it far from the actual hosting.

Masrour explained that one of the main reasons why Fez was not selected was the delay in launching the infrastructure projects needed to host such a global sporting event. He spoke about the importance of the technical and logistical preparations required by the World Cup, such as improving stadiums and developing transportation and accommodation.

Masrour went on to say that the top five cities have already started implementing infrastructure development projects, which enhances their chances of hosting.

Fez, despite its rich history and cultural importance, has not received the same attention and investment needed to be among the major host cities, he said.

He concluded his statement by emphasizing that Fez’s failure to host any World Cup match represents a great loss for the city and its residents, as this event could have had a positive impact on the local economy and tourism, and called on officials to accelerate the pace of development projects in Fez to enhance its chances of hosting major sporting events in the future.

Source : Fez News Media

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