Idriss Farhan: A black box that could bring down several people involved in supporting a plot against Morocco’s territorial integrity

The Court of Appeal in Brescia, Italy, approved the Kingdom of Morocco’s request to deport Idriss Farhane, who had previously filed a request for his arrest after he exaggerated his poisonous outbursts against the private lives of individuals and symbols of Morocco and relentlessly spun a number of slanders and defamations against security, military and civilian officials. Farhane was using social media to publish false contents aimed at violating people’s private lives and defaming them, making him a dangerous and blackmailing figure.

Informed sources confirm that the deportation decision came after the Italian prosecutor in Brescia gave the approval, following an investigation into Farhan’s involvement in several cybercrimes that affect people’s private lives. Although he was granted judicial protection last year, recent investigations showed how dangerous he is and his reliance on creating scenarios and contacting victims in order to extort them financially.

Farhan, 59 years old, is considered a black box that could bring down many people who supported schemes aimed at undermining the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Preliminary investigations showed his involvement in the support and funding of prominent figures, most notably Abdallah Boussouf, head of the Moroccan Community Council Abroad, as well as parliamentarians, politicians, associations and media professionals.

The Italian authorities arrested Idriss Farhane in the middle of last month, after living in Italy for more than thirty years.

His arrival in Morocco is expected to reveal sensitive issues related to his finances and plans against the Kingdom, which will give Moroccan authorities the opportunity to investigate him and all those involved in supporting him.

Farhane used a website and social media to attack Morocco and its prominent officials, especially those successful in the fields of management and security governance.

His return to Morocco could open a new chapter of investigations and trials that could topple a wide network of those involved in supporting his dangerous schemes against people’s private lives.

Source : Fes News Media

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