An unprecedented twinning agreement signed between the National Scientific Police Laboratory and the renowned U.S. laboratory Lawrence Livermore

Washington, 14 June 2024: An unprecedented twinning agreement between the National Scientific Police Laboratory of the General Directorate of National Security of Morocco and the renowned US Lawrence Livermore Laboratory was signed today in Washington, DC.

The signing, which took place in the presence of senior officials from both countries, represents an important step towards strengthening bilateral cooperation in the fields of security and counter-proliferation.

The importance of this strategic agreement was emphasised by its presence at the US State Department, where it was signed by US Deputy Secretary of State Mallory Stewart and Morocco’s Ambassador to the United States Youssef El Amrani.

The Moroccan delegation participating in this important event included prominent figures such as Ismail Chekkouri, Director of Global Issues at the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and representatives of the National Authority of the Chemical Weapons Convention, along with Tawfik El Sayer, Director of the Police and Hakima Yahya Director of Police and Hakima Yahya, Commissioner of the Department.

This agreement reflects the two countries’ firm commitment to strengthening security and stability in the region and the world, through the exchange of expertise and cooperation in the field of combating organised crime and terrorism.

Through this agreement, Morocco’s National Scientific Police Laboratory seeks to benefit from Lawrence Livermore’s expertise in forensic analysis and forensic medicine.

This step is an important milestone in the fruitful co-operation between Morocco and the United States.

The agreement emphasises the two countries’ shared commitment to building a safer and more stable world.

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